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Name:The DW Home of Reylo Big Bang
Website:Reylo Big Bang @ tumblr
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:DW community for Reylo Big Bang
What is Reylo Big Bang?
Reylo Big Bang is a Kylo Ren/Rey-centric challenge for authors, artists, and podficcers! We welcome explicitly shippy works as well as gen works centered on both characters. Fics have a 15,000 word minimum wordcount. See the Rules for more details.

What is [community profile] reylobigbang?
[community profile] reylobigbang is a community for members of Reylo Big Bang to talk about their progress, find betas, and commiserate! Claims, as well as author, artist, and podficcer check-ins, will also take place here. Sign up for Reylo Big Bang [details forthcoming] to join the community!

How can I participate in Reylo Big Bang?
You can write a fic, make art, podfic - or all three! All authors will be matched with an artist; authors will be matched with podficcers as they are available.

What is the timeline?
January 25 - Artist & Author sign-ups open
February 25 - Author sign-ups close
March 1 - 1st check point
April 1 - 2nd check point
May 1 - 3rd check point (MANDATORY)
June 1 - Author completed rough drafts due
June 3 - Summary preview day!
June 6 - 13 - Artist and Podfic claims
June 15 - Author/Artist/Podfic Match Reveals
July 1 - Author final drafts due & Artist checkpoint (MANDATORY)
July 31 - Artist completed rough drafts due, Podfic check-in, & Artist Pinch-hitter post opens
August 15 - Pinch-hitter Artists to check in with drafts, Podfic check-in
August 20 - Posting schedule claims
September 1 - Posting begins
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